Kurt Hüpfner <br> Drawing - Sculpture - Painting
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200 S., 21,5 x 27,5 cm
französische Broschur
ISBN 978-3-99014-174-8

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Peter Stasny
Kurt Hüpfner
Drawing - Sculpture - Painting

Born in Vienna in 1930, Kurt Hüpfner is an art industry outsider, and has always remained beyond its borders. Raised in the city of his birth, Vienna remains the epicentre of his life. Having gone largely unnoticed by the public, he created a body of work there, which includes and merges the art forms of drawing, sculpture and painting. Furthermore, his work is simultaneously unconventional in its nature and a reaction to central positions held by the art history of the 20th century.
Since 2006, Hüpfner’s work has been showcased several times in group and solo exhibitions, e. g. at Altnöder Gallery Salzburg, Dana Charkasi Gallery Vienna, Q 21 MuseumsQuartier Vienna, Künstlerhaus Klagenfurt, Belvedere Vienna. It demonstrates a sceptical and ironic approach to reality, often pays homage to black humour and has its origins in a fundamentally pessimistic outlook on life and the conviction of being at the mercy of a sinister destiny.

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